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Jay-Z Is Disappointed In Rihanna, Absolutely Hates Chris Brown

Jay-Z Is Disappointed In Rihanna, Absolutely Hates Chris Brown

Jay-Z has been a long-time mentor to Rihanna – he was the one she turned to in 2009 when her then boyfriend, Chris Brown, physically assaulted her before the Grammys. Jay-Z was quite unhappy with the situation then, and he's doubly upset now that the former couple are reportedly hooking up again and collaborated on two songs, "Birthday Cake" and "Turn Up the Music." Rihanna, Why Did You Record A New Song With Chris Brown?

A source tells RadarOnline: "Jay was absolutely disgusted by what Chris did to Rihanna. Jay doesn't understand how a man could ever lay hands on a woman; it just goes against who he is and about. Chris is absolutely dead to Jay, he wants nothing to do with him ever... Jay is deeply disappointed in (Rihanna's) actions... Jay wonders what kind of message this is sending to Rihanna's young female fans. Rihanna knows how Jay feels about Chris, but she doesn't care, she is going to do what she wants." 

Abusive relationships like that of Rihanna and Chris's have a tendency to end very badly. Jay-Z is only looking out for his friend, especially since he's a new father to Blue Ivy Carter with is wife, Beyonce.

RadarOnline's source continues: "He is even more protective of the women in his life. Jay has told Rihanna he will never give his blessing for what she is doing with Chris.... Chris has rage issues that he doesn't think have been dealt with." Why Rihanna & Other Celebrities Love 'Bad Men'

We'd believe our mentor if we were Rihanna. Forgiveness is wonderful, but the damage has been done and some people don't change. We hope she makes better choices for herself going forward, and perhaps she and Chris should only collaborate on music, not love.

What are your thoughts on Rihanna and Chris's reconciliation?

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