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How Does A Full-Figured Woman Dress To Look Hot?

In this video, Image Consultant, Matchmaker and YourTango Expert Kimberly Seltzer answers the question: "I'm a full-figured woman. How do I hide my flaws and accentuate the positive so that men find me attractive?" Do All Women Have Body Image Issues?

Kimberly stresses that you should love and embrace your body because that's what guys find sexy. She suggests making a list of the parts that you like about your figure, then picking clothes that accentuate those areas. For example, if you love your legs, wear a skirt so that the focus is on them. If you don't like your stomach area, wear clothes that conceal it.

If you are a full-figured woman, Kimberly advises against bold patterns or tight pants. Instead, try a solid color wrap with a bootcut jean. Watch the video above to learn which types of clothes will make you look more symmetrical and flatter your curves. With your new style, you'll look and feel more attractive!