10 Best Valentine's Day Dates For Engaged Couples


Creative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your future husband.

Happily engaged? Keep the romance alive with these creative Valentine's Day date ideas.

1. Ditch the landlubbers and board a romantic dinner cruise with your hubby-to-be. Watch the sun sink into the horizon and simply enjoy being together. No wedding talk allowed!

2. Go on a couple's cooking date together a la Hitch. It's a fun way to turn up the heat without having to clean up messy dishes at home!

3. Enjoy a bit of culture with your future DH by catching a local musical or play. Bonus: It's a fun excuse to glam up — I picked out a pretty dress for our Valentine's Day viewing of Wicked on Broadway.

4. Get pampered side-by-side with a couple's massage. It's the ultimate indulgence and will have you both blissed out for the rest of the day.

5. Celebrate the day of love the old-fashioned way by planning a picnic-for-two al fresco. Don't forget the wine glasses!

6. Awaken your inner teen by playing together — at an amusement park, at an ice skating rink, at the bowling lanes. At the end of the day, you'll be crushing on each other all over again. The Stir: The Hidden Meaning Of Valentine's Day Gifts

7. Go on a scenic drive nearby and stargaze with your sweetheart when night falls. Remember to grab a few blankets and your favorite snacks to munch on the hood of your car.

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