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A-List Links: Courteney Cox Hasn't Had Sex In A LONG Time

A-List Links: Courteney Cox Hasn't Had Sex In A LONG Time

Even though Courteney Cox's estranged husband David Arquette has found a new, younger love, Courteney says she's not ready to have a new one, so much so that she hasn't slept with anyone since David! So just how long has it been? (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Halle Berry has requested to move her daughter Nahla to France, even though her and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry have been in a heated custody battle for over a year. (CelebBabyLaundry

Everyone needs a little eye candy today. May we present to you Channing Tatum's best shirtless moments? (TooFab

Celeb parents Beyonce and Jay-Z are trying to patent the name of the most famous baby of 2012, Blue Ivy. But why? (CelebrityBabyScoop

We thought Ryan Reynolds was just sweet, peaceful, and beautiful. Apparently, we were wrong because he got thrown out of a bar in Amsterdam for brawling! (FitFabCeleb

When will Rihanna get the hint that she needs to dump her ex, Chris Brown? A four-hour dressing room rendezvous will not help you get over him, RiRi! (Hollywood Life)

The Grammy's this year will be full of ex-lovers. See which failed couples will be back together this weekend. (TresSugar

It seems like some sports stars' girlfriends are always a curse. Tom Brady hasn't won a Super Bowl since he's been with Gisele. Find out who else is cursed: (The Daily Beast)

Even though Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with her second child from Scott Disick, she has made it very clear she's not ready to get married any time soon. New reports say she may finally be changing her mind! (Wetpaint)

Russell Brand is being applauded for the way he is handing his divorce with Katy Perry. What is he doing that is making him such a stand-up guy? (TheStir)

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