12 Reasons To Dump Your Ex

Break Up With Your Ex

There are about as many reasons to break up with one's ex for good as there are exes out there. Sometimes, it's because he's gay (yikes). Other times, it's because you know you can do better—and it's finally time to put that knowledge into action.

Our Break Up With Your Ex campaign is all about encouraging readers to break the ties that are binding them to a past love. If this sounds like you, tell us about it for your chance to win one of 10 awesome prizes, from Hyde Yoga pants to Li-Lac specialty chocolates. From now until midnight of Feb. 12, we're holding a contest where we are asking you to tell us, in 10 words or less, why you need to break up with your ex. 

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Here are 12 of our favorite entries we've received so far on Facebook, Twitter, and YourTango, ranging from funny to heartfelt. 

1. "Because you can't move forward if you're stuck in reverse" -@KayBeeNC

2. "Because he's a chapter in a book I've already read!" -ASHLEEEY_X0

3. "None of them turned into princes when I kissed them" -SUMMER LOVE

4. "My heart shatters a little more every time we talk." -DREASUN

5. "My future is brighter than any past we could've had." -MAGGIEM

6. "I need time to rediscover who I am without him" -Tia Barnes

7. "because why blow your nose in a used tissue?" -Julia Quattrini

8. "Because I need the closet space!" -ASHLEY

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9. "After 4 years, 4 Valentine's texts, need I say more" -KOALATY

10. "He's so ages-ago he should be taught in History." -@stigay

11. "i had to #DumpUrEx because he wasn't into women!" -Tony L Smoaks

12. "Permitting him to "rent" brain space prevents moving on - EVICT!!" -T.J. Whitsitt

February 13 is Break Up With Your Ex Day. Learn more at Breakupwithyourex.com!

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