Want To Read The Secret Sex Diaries Of 1,500 Americans?

the sex diaries project arianne cohen
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New book "The Sex Diaries Project" is a fascinating look into the private lives of Americans.

Arianne Cohen has learned a few things from poring over the sex diaries of 1,500 people.

For starters: relationships are a lot like careers. Sure, some of us work 9 to 5 — but others stay home in pajamas all day, eating crackers in bed. It can get messy.

Second: men and women aren't all that different. (In fact, Cohen had trouble telling their diaries apart.) Except, perhaps, when it comes to one topic: porn. Men watch it. A lot.

Lastly — but perhaps most important — it turns out that what we think we know about American relationships, and what we actually know, are two wildly different notions. And what's really going on is a lot less conventional than we might have imagined.

So what are people doing? Read the secrets on The Daily Beast: The Sex Diaries Project: What 1,500 Bedroom Diaries Can Teach Us About Sex

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