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10 Prudest Colleges In The Country (Including Mine, Sigh)


College Magazine recently came out with their list of the Top 10 Most Prude Colleges in the country. As a student at the seventh-prudest college of them all, Fordham University, I can say that College Magazine certainly did their research well. I'm not surprised that any of those schools made the list, especially mine.

Being located in New York City and getting a Catholic education can certainly be confusing. New York promotes a very liberal sexual atmosphere. But in my school's handbook, it clearly states that sexual intercourse is to be reserved for marriage. Therefore, if you are caught having sex in the dorms, or if you sexile your roommate, you can actually be punished.

My school follows the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, as dictated by the United States Conference for Catholic Bishops. Because of this, no contraception of any kind, whether it is condoms or birth control, is allowed to be given to students by the school. If you think you are pregnant, the health center will not help you, but will instead refer you to another clinic on the condition that the referral is for medical confirmation only, not for any "treatments" that would be contrary to teachings of the church.

I absolutely love my school, and part of the reason I chose it was because of its rich Jesuit tradition. But as a college junior who wants to explore the many freedoms of being young, it can be frustrating to go to a school with such conservative beliefs. I think they should get with the times and realize that most students will have sex, regardless of their abstinence campaign. So they should promote safe sex by talking about and giving out different contraception methods.

What do you think? Should Catholic colleges give out contraception to students since the students are having sex anyways?

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