Love Bytes: 11 Things Women Should Never Put Up With

Plus, 6 dates not to go on in 2012.

angry annoyed woman

They hold the door. They compliment hairdos. They remember your mom's birthday. And they finish last. Why are nice guys such a bore? (Madame Noire)

HEY! NY Times, not all men hate being alone. (HowAboutWe)

Be down for almost whatever, but DO NOT go on these 6 odd dates in 2012. (The Gloss)

There are 11 things a lady should never put up with from a boyfriend, husband or paramour. (CollegeCandy)

Hey, touching is very important. Keep it up. (eHarmony)


He had sex with my friend while we were on a break. (TresSugar)

80's porn queen Nina Hartley will answer your sex questions now. Nina, what's up with swinging? (Bad Online Dates)

There's a right way and a wrong way to win back Zooey Deschanel, friends. (Crushable)

You hooked up with someone at the holiday party, now what?  (Em & Lo)

STOP THE INSANITY!* Suze Orman lays down the post-divorce financial commandments. (Huffington Post)

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*Note: We realize this is the catchphrase of another excitable woman with a similar name.