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6 Ways To Get Revenge On Your Ex (And Gain Major Confidence)

kristin cavallari

It warms my heart that after having their engagement unceremoniously broken off by Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, and suffering the humiliation of an ill-timed wedding photo shoot, Kristin Cavallari is doing so well. I've always weirdly rooted for her, ever since she popped up on Laguna Beach to steal the spotlight away from boring Lauren. She's a girl who knows what she's doing, and could teach us all some major self-confidence lessons. As Kristin once proclaimed, she "never gets her heart broken," so when Cutler left her, did she go on a public sob-fest a la Jen Aniston? No, sir, it was straight to the Dancing With The Stars and flirting with new guys. The Stir recently posted six things Kristin did to get back at Jay, and how you can channel some of her confidence, even if you're not an impossibly skinny starlet. It's an excellent list, and we highly suggest you check it out.

We can also ease our minds a little by knowing that it hasn't been all gravy for Jay Cutler since the breakup either. Our guy editor Tom's take on his run this season so far: "The Chicago Bears quarterback, sometimes maligned for a lack of toughness, has had an up and down season. A win against the Falcons in the first week was marred by Cutler taking several hard hits. The punishment continued in a week two loss to New Orleans that saw the lazy-eyed Vanderbilt grad take six sacks (being tackled for a loss as a quarterback) and fumble the ball twice. Whatever emotional pain Cavallari has suffered, the double-chinned dandy was likely endured more physical pain and was on pace to be sacked more than any quarterback in NFL history. A week three loss to the arch-rival Green Bay Packers has the quarterback reeling." Good to know. We'll pretend we understood that. 

UPDATE: Ugh, apparently they're "giving love another chance." Well, don't get hurt this time, Kristin! Is Kristin Cavallari Getting A Second Chance At Love?

Check out the six (non-violent) and super confidence-boosting ways to get back at your ex on The Stir: How Kristin Cavallari Got Revenge On Her Ex (And You Can, Too!) 

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