Suits & Suspenders: Ladies Still Love Bankers & Firemen

Back to the grind after Labor Day, we discuss what careers women find sexy.

hot fireman

Epic quote, at least of the day, courtesy of YourTango editor Faye Brennan: "Not going to lie, I get excited whenever a firetruck full of guys in uniform drives by me here in the city. I like to think that they're all good-looking, muscular guys who wouldn't hesitate to rescue me if I needed help. They're brave in the face of danger, which I will always find sexy."

Yes, it's true: Sometimes women just want to be rescued. Especially in this economy, with the plummeting markets and unemployment rate, it's safe to say that we're all trying to stay safe and protect ourselves — not just us ladies. So it's not too surprising that a recent survey of New York City daters, illustrated by a cute infographic, to boot, found that firemen (30 percent) and Wall Street executives (26 percent) are the sexiest professions for men. Wonder if these preferences are mirrored throughout the country? Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!


The firemen thing I understand, despite being a scrawny-boy fan. You're basically set for life as far as being protected, and they're hot and manly and all that jazz. But bankers? Have we learned nothing from this recession/depression? I was sure bankers' stock would have plummeted — no pun intended — since the economic crisis began in 2008, but apparently that's not true.

In other news, 94 percent of surveyed New Yorkers are looking for long-term relationships, which is good news considering the city's flighty and promiscuous reputation. And in terms of career preferences, gender stereotypes work the other way too: Most men find actresses (34 percent) and women who work in fashion (29 percent) to be the sexiest. That means there should be plenty of pick-up opportunities at Fall Fashion Week, which is just two days away (eek). Love & Fashion: A Guide To Looking Sexy This Fall


Do you prefer burly firemen, suited-up bankers or none of the above? 

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