4 Reasons To Give A Man Flowers

Flowers can say a thousand words


In Aussie, blokey culture, sending a man flowers is a taboo -- it's something simply not done because it doesn't align with what we believe to be 'manly' and masculine. But think about it? Why is this? Women wear perfume -- those sweet, flowery, delicate senses -- because he picks up on the fragrance and finds it attractive. When we wear makeup, we soften our cheeks with light apricot tones, and brighten our lips with roses and pinks. We do this, because he picks up on the colours and notices us. In contrast, we notice men for their masculine and rough looks, their dark and mysterious features, and their manly scents. So when you think about it, despite the fact that we are constantly awarded with flowers as a display of affection, it is actually men that love the contrast of pale and vibrant colours, the sweet scents, and the soft appearance of flowers. So why don't they appreciate them as a gift? Maybe they do. They just can't say so!


Flowers send a lot of messages, and given their soft and fragrant appeal to men, why not try sending a message to your special someone through flowers? Check out these great reasons to send flowers to your man:

A tongue in cheek gift

Does your man pride himself on his masculinity -- on his manliness? Does he have a great sense of humour and doesn't mind a joke? Not often lost for words? Why not say to your partner, 'I love you' with a gift that first will leave him speechless and looking puzzled, but inevitably will leave a grin and a grateful hug. Online rose stores are a great way to order and deliver quickly and easily, so surprise him!


Say sorry

He does it, so why can't you? If you've upset your partner, angered him or done something he won't be happy with (you know -- maxed the credit card on shoes you don't need, bought a new couch because it simply looks better, or just spent a little too much time in the office) say sorry with flowers! Pick a bright bouquet, say sorry and mean it, and you're bound to get a grin at the least.

A special occasion

Traditionally a young man will pick a young lady up for a date and present her with flowers. But these days, why wait for him to ask you? If your partner has been working extra hard, time has been short between you and you know he's a little stressed, try some role reversal! Leave the house, knock on your own door, present him with flowers and pick him up for a date.


To show him how!

Let’s be honest, he would know how to get you flowers if you highlighted the phone number and wrote down the flower names. Would you like to introduce a little more romance back into your relationship? Wouldn't mind a night out every now and then, a bouquet of flowers, or just a little gift once in a while? If your partner has forgotten how to bring the romance, teach him how. Bring him home a bunch of flowers just to say ‘I love you’ -- and remember to hint, not so subtly, in the next few days that he could return the favour some time.