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10 Reasons You're Not In A Serious Relationship

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You're a pretty girl, formally educated, sweet. Yet, for some reason, men don't seem to take you seriously. After two or three dates the physical attraction wears off and they move on as you wonder "What went wrong?"

Men go out with women and walk away with one of two agendas: sex or the possibility of something serious. And, it doesn't take much or very long for them to decide. If you continually find yourself quickly dismissed once it becomes apparent you're not giving it up, it may be time to evaluate why you keep landing in the sex pot.

1. You post semi-nude photos on Facebook.
This is the digital age, so expect to get Googled. With that said, posting skintastic photos on Facebook is an outcry for male attention and public reassurance. A "Whomp, whomp" caption under a picture of you in a bikini doesn't exactly scream, "Hey, I'm a nice girl. Your Mom will love me." Overexposure is off-putting, but modesty leaves mystery.

2. You have a personal brand but no product.
Hair is done, nails are done, but you have no job. You're constantly talking about your personal brand but you have yet to describe a tangible product. This screams gold-digger and, since you're likely not as hot as you think you are, real men see through the fog and slap your application with a "Hell, no!"

3. You're a "model."
Unless you're steadily working paid jobs: YOU ARE NOT A MODEL. Industry-girl swag is great for features on, free club entrance and a free bottle here and there, but it won't get you a ring. That whole scene revolves around sex and the exploitation of women. And, chances are you're maybe hoping to catch a producer-type. Funny thing about men, they don't bring their "work" home with them.

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