Guys: 3 Reasons Her Sex Toys Are The BEST Thing For Your Sex Life

Think of them as tools, not competition.

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If your girlfriend or wife expresses interest in using or sex toys, or if you find out that she's been using one, do not be alarmed. The use of a sex toy does not mean that she's not satisfied in the relationship, nor does it mean that you should feel intimidated by her vibrator in any way.

The use of sex toys has become more popular with women who are in relationships. However, there have been times when a woman has returned her adult product because her husband or boyfriend was upset that she purchased one in the first place.


Using sex toys can can actually have benefits for couples. Here's why:

1. Using sex toys can allow her to discover what kind of stimulation feels best for her.

There are so many different types of sex toys available, from traditional vibrators to clitoral and anal vibrators. When she uses these products, she can discover what type of stimulation works best for her.

Plus, if she is having difficulty achieving an orgasm, your wife or girlfriend can start to feel frustrated with herself and potentially feel there is something wrong with her. However, by using sex toys she may find out that she is more responsive to clitoral stimulation which can be incorporated into your intimate moments.


Using sex toys will help her and you understand what feels best for her and therefore, improve the overall experience in the bedroom.

2. Her sex toys will never replace you.

As much as you may be a little bit intimidated by her sex toy, there is no reason to feel as if you are in competition with it. A sex toy will never provide the warmth, intimacy, and love that you can provide her.

As much as a sex toy can give her a lot of satisfaction, a sex toy will never replace a partner.

3. Sex toys can add more excitement and pleasure into your bedroom fun.

If your partner is using sex toys, she may be more open to experimenting in the bedroom, which means more pleasure for the both of you. For example, she may be more open to trying light bondage, or using a vibrating erection ring with you during sexual intercourse.


Her using a sex toy does not mean that you cannot be included. You can offer to use her vibrator or dildo on her as part of foreplay. Or, if your partner is feeling frisky, she may provide you with a show while you enjoy watching her use it on herself.

Remember, just because she wants to use a sex toy or is currently using one does not mean that you are not pleasing her or that you are not enough for her. Instead of feeling threatened by it, share in the pleasure with her.