Emotional Affair Signs – Is Your Husband Having An Emotional Affa

Emotional affairs are not any less hurtful than physical affairs. Actually, they pose much more threat to you marriage than a physical betrayal. This guide gives you emotional affair signs – So you could finally decide: Is your husband having an emotional affair?

“While my husband was in the shower, I checked his phone,” Sara confessed. “I’ve never done that before, but lately I noticed him getting many messages, both text and voice messages. I had a feeling deep inside that it wasn’t work related. When I checked his messages, the same woman’s name appeared over and over. What I saw got my heart pounding in seconds”.

Can you relate to what happened to Sara?

Whether it’s texting, phone records, or emails – With new technologies come new challenges-and opportunities for your spouse to be unfaithful.

When you find out that your husband or partner has developed a close relationship with someone, and it seems to you that this tie is more intimate than it should be, you could experience a real shock and sense of betrayal.
Choose One:

Emotional Affair Signs – This is How They Make You Feel

1. Guilt-You may feel you’ve broken your husband’s trust by snooping in his private things.

2. Sadness-Your man is sharing a connection with someone other woman

3. Anger-Your husband is putting effort into another relationship while neglecting YOUR needs and wants.

What Are The Signs of an Emotional Affair?

Marriage is built on an emotional connection between two people. When one partner goes outside of marriage to seek fulfillment, whether that fulfillment is sexual or emotional in nature, it means cheating on the marital relationship.

1. If your husband has a truly personal relationship with some intensity, the relationship has probably crossed over to an emotional affair.

2. Sharing private thoughts – If he shares his most private thoughts with someone other than you – this means he is developing an emotional connection.

3. Is he hiding or revealing the extent of the side relationship? Meaning – Does he announce receiving new text messages? Does he tell you what they say? If not – this is a sign of an emotional affair.

4. When you ask him about these little signs – does he get angry and try to blame you for snooping instead of answering your question? If the answer is yes – It means he is feeling guilty and trying to hide the truth shift the attention to you.

Generally, the response from the person who has been “caught” is to argue, “What, you mean I can’t have a friend of the opposite sex?”

All The Emotional Affair Signs Are There – What Do I Do Next?

If you find there are enough emotional affair signs in your marriage, it probably means that you’ve experienced an intimacy breakdown in your marriage, and that is where you can begin to focus your attention.

If your husband “comes clean” and admits to having at least an emotional affair, it’s actually good news. At least he’s showing that he wants to repair your relationship and put work into building back your intimacy.

If you want to save your marriage, there are a few emergency steps that you should take today. There is relationship “work” to do to create a more fulfilling marriage as you move beyond your partner’s emotional affair.

Emotional affair signs do not mean that this is the end of your marriage.
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