'Divorce Sales': Shop Your Heart Out While Getting Over Your Ex

Selling your married-life stuff can be cathartic -- especially while acquiring new, chic stuff.

shopping bags woman

I can think of a Housewife or two who could benefit from this. Divorce Sales, the latest craze to come out of Los Angeles, is a company founded by entrepreneur Jill Alexander. The 37-year-old smartypants started the company to help wealthy divorcees sell down their stuff. Everything from jewelry to designer clothes to dining room sets are totally game — and don't worry, it's not being laid out on the front lawn with red tags. Divorce Sales are held in chic hotel ballrooms and the ilk all around L.A.


Alexander assures that the goal of the company is less about turning a profit, and more about helping women get through a difficult time in their lives. She explains: "It is a really cathartic experience. When you clear out your closet, it can be freeing. You are downsizing, but you also don't want the clothes from your past life." The Stir: Man Locks Wife In Basement For 8 Years (Keeps Girlfriend Upstairs)

I totally get that — there are clothes in my closet I find hard to look at because they remind me of a particularly bad time in my life (which reminds me, I need to donate them). I can understand why divorced women would want to rid themselves of these old memories and start fresh with new clothes. I'd be down for selling my stuff if I ever got a divorce, but I have a feeling my H&M tops and Gap jeans really wouldn't bring in that much dough.


But hey, if Alexander says it's not about the money, maybe she'd help me if I needed it. She's poised to take her Divorce Sales on the road because, after all, people are getting divorced across the country and not just in California. The first New York sale is coming up. The Stir: Frazzled Mom Banned From Grocery Store For 'Stealing' Milk

I see Divorce Sales as a win win win win scenario. The divorcees get a cathartic experience and a little start-over money, the shoppers get great deals on designer wares, Alexander gets her cut so that she can continue hosting Divorce Sales, and she donates some of the proceeds to charity.

Divorce sounds terrible. Sure, all I know about it is what I've seen on reality TV, but good god it looks horrendously painful and emotional. If Divorce Sales can help a woman through it, I'm all for it. Plus, I kind of want to shop the one coming to NY and support the cause.

Do you think Divorce Sales are terrific or tacky? Sound off in the comments!


Written by Lindsay Mannering for The Stir.