The Post-Divorce Dating Club: A New Site For Divorced Singles

The Post-Divorce Dating Club: A New Site For Divorced Singles

If you're divorced and ready to look for love again, there's a hot new dating site waiting online for you. The newly launched site The Post Divorce Dating Club was designed with divorced singles in mind. It's meant to be a safe space for those who want to venture back into the dating water and would much rather meet someone with similar experiences in their past.

Site founder and creator Lee Block, a writer and new media specialist, gets it. Twice divorced herself, the mom of two saw a need in the post-divorce community and began creating a family of sites centered around the, as she calls it, "re-singled" community. This community doesn't just include divorced singles, Lee says those who've lost a spouse or just left a long term committed relationship can also identify.

We caught up with Block to get the skinny on how the site came to be, what you can expect to get out of joining, and why it's the new place to be for the "re-singled." Check out what she had to say!

ESSENCE: What do you feel are the biggest stigmas attached to divorce today?

Block: I think one of the biggest stigmas about divorce today is that it is easier to be divorced than to stay in a marriage. It is harder to get divorced. You have issues you have to deal with in divorce that you don't have to deal with when you are married. You have to deal with custody, co-parenting, divorce decrees, blended families, being a single parent, finding a job, finding child care and the health and well being of your kids after the trauma of divorce. Divorce is not easy emotionally. It might be easy to get, but emotionally it is harder to do that to stay.

Another stigma is that people that get divorced take the easy way out of a bad situation and that they didn't work on the marriage. Filing for divorce is never an easy decision and people don't take it lightly. You don't go into a marriage thinking you are going to get a divorce, and before filing, a lot of things happen, that those on the outside don't even know about.

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