Men Know When You're Faking An Orgasm...Or They Think They Know

man and woman in bed

It goes without saying that women fake it sometimes, but how often do men actually notice?

Sexual satisfaction is a two-way street. It goes without saying that women fake the occasional orgasm, but how often do men notice?

That's just one of many questions answered in the 2011 Great Male Survey from They partnered with to pick the brains of nearly 80,000 people and discover just how different men and women really are (or aren't).

It's no surprise to find out that 54 percent of women have faked an orgasm. Meanwhile, despite how good a woman may think she is at fabricating her finish, 78 percent of men think that they can tell a real orgasm from a fake one. The keyword here is think, of course! We all know men are often wrong about whether their partner has climaxed.

But men aren't always honest about it, either. Nearly one-third of guys (32 percent) said they, too, have faked a climax before. Women are none too happy with that: 85 percent of them say they would be offended if a guy fakes an orgasm with them, while 79 percent of guys take offense when a woman fakes her finish.

They key to a real, fabulous orgasm? It may be in the size of his penis, as half of all men (51 percent) would like to be better endowed. It doesn't seem to matter to ladies, however; only 18 percent of women would want their guy's penis to be bigger. Want To Know His Penis Size? Look At His Fingers!

Old clichés aside (it's not the size of the boat, just the motion of the ocean, anyone?) it seems like both genders could use a little more satisfaction in the sack. Maybe then we could all stop faking and start asking for what we want — once and for all.

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Have you ever faked an orgasm? Why do people do this?

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