This Just In: Women Want To Start A Family In Their Late 20s

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For their "Great Female Survey," AskMen asked women to answer 64 questions on sex, career, relationships, online behavior and money. We picked out 20 of the most interesting answers on relationships to share with you:

1. Our late 20s are the ideal age for starting a family. A third of women want to start a family in their late 20s, while 23 percent would like to start popping out kids in their early 20s.

2. Of course we want children! In fact, 70 percent of women said they wanted children someday, compared to the 12 percent who said "No way."

3. A beautiful house is the ultimate status symbol. Forget the Harvard degree, the Prada bag and the Benz. Forty-one percent of women favored a beautiful house, while 26 percent said that a successful husband or boyfriend would be the ultimate status symbol.

4. Women still believe in marriage. Eighty-three percent gave a resounding "yes!" when asked whether they had faith in the institution.

5. Sexual harassment in the workplace is uncommon. Sixty-six percent of women said they hadn't experienced it, but of those who had, only 8 percent bothered to report the incident. 

6. It's okay for men to cry. More than three-fourths of the women surveyed said it wasn't a big deal, but about one-fourth said that crying is only okay in response to tragedies.

7. Breasts are the best. More than half of women believe that men appreciate boobs above all other physicial attributes. About one in four women said that the butt is most important, while about 15 percent think that men are most attracted to nice legs.

8. We're more honest than you think. Sixty-three percent of women have never lied about their number of sex partners, while just one in three women has ever faked an orgasm. A whopping eight-seven percent said that they would never cheat on their boyfriends, even if there were no chance that he would ever find out.

9. The ultimate man's drink is ... good old-fashioned beer. Whisky came in second.

10. Men age like fine wine—until they hit middle age. About one in three women claim that men start losing their looks at age 50. 

11. There's a "slut" and "manwhore" cut off number. Regardless of your gender, you're officially too promiscuous if you sleep with over 20 people.

12. We haven't slept with our coworkers (but we would like to). Forty-one percent of women haven't slept with a coworker, but they would if the opportunity presented itself.

13. We like your manhood just fine. About 4 in 5 women said that they wouldn't change their partner's penis size.

14. We're the better cooks. Forty-two percent of women said that they would win in a cook-off with their boyfriends or husbands, compared to the 25 percent who said he would win.

15. We fantasize about being dominated in bed. More than a third of women dream about this. Meanwhile, just three percent of women fantasize about anal sex.

16. Prenup? Meh. Just 6 percent of women said that signing a prenup is "very important," while 41 percent said that it is not a big priority.

17. Internet dating? Double Meh. More than forty percent of women said that they don't need the Internet to find a man. Only 13 percent of those who answered this survey had a relationship with someone they met online.

18. Emotional intimacy, not sex, motivates romance. Eighty-six percent said that feeling close to their partner drove them to be romantic, compared to just 7 percent who acted romantic in hope of getting laid.

19. We're not stalkers. When asked if they would track their boyfriend or husband's physical movements using an implanted GPS chip, 82 percent of women said no.

20. A lack of "husband potential" isn't necessarily a relationship dealbreaker. Around half of women said that "husband potential" is somewhat important, but they won't break up with a guy if he doesn't have it.

What do you think—does any of this surprise you?

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