3 Findings From The Great American Sex Survey

couple in bed

When it comes to sex, does the time of day or day of the week matter? A new survey reveals that American adults definitely have preferences when it comes to the timing of intercourse; however, they aren't always meeting said preferences when they get down and dirty.

Adult toy company Adam & Eve conducted a Great American Sex Survey to determine the sexual practices of more than 1,000 Americans aged 18 and up. Since timing truly is everything, the results of the web-based survey provide an interesting glimpse at when people would ideally have a romp in the sheets.

1. Time of day. In a perfect world, more than half of adults (52 percent) would prefer to have sex during the evening hours. However, only 45 percent of them actually do make love at that time. Instead, sex most frequently occurs during late night hours (48 percent). Thirty-three percent of adults prefer a morning quickie, but only 26 percent of them actually make time for sex in the early hours. And, while 21 percent admitted they'd prefer a little afternoon delight, only 13 percent actually get it. Men Really Like Morning Sex

2. Days of the week. Sex is best saved for weekends, according to the results. Most respondents (30 percent) said Saturday was their ideal day. Meanwhile, 22 percent preferred kicking off the weekend with sex on Friday, and 20 percent prefer to close it out with some Sunday lovemaking. During the week, "hump day" becomes quite literal, with 14 percent favoring it. But more than half of respondents (65 percent) said they really have no preference as to which day they have sex. He's Having Sex With Someone Else on Saturday

3. Frequency. All this talk about when people would prefer to have sex is meaningless if people aren't actually doing it, right? Unfortunately, the question of "how often do you have sex" led to some sadly low numbers. Twenty-six percent do it once or twice a week, while 18 percent aren't doing it at all (at least, at the moment). What about the rest? Seven percent said they do it every few months; and three percent admitted to only once or twice a year. The silver lining is that less than a fifth of adults (16 percent) have sex frequently, at three to four times a week. And a small sliver—one percent—are doing it more than once a day. A Year Of No Sex

What are your preferences when it comes to sex?