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Is He Imagining Someone Else During Sex?

Couple Kissing with eyes closed

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I'm embarrassed to ask this question, but here it goes. I noticed that when my boyfriend and I are intimate, he keeps his eyes closed. My previous lovers definitely kept their eyes open during sex. Do you think that means he's fantasizing about other women?



Dear Insecure,

There are a few reasons why your lover may have his eyes closed, like maybe he's thinking about other (more attractive) women, his ex-girlfriends or perhaps your best friend. Or he could just be really, really bored and sort of dozing off.

But because you mentioned that he's a man, we can safely disregard the second option, so chances are he's thinking about someone else. 

The only way you'll know for sure is if you ask him, preferably while in flagrante delicto. And don't just ask, accuse. Something along the lines of ,"Who is she, damn it?" Keep a flashlight nearby and aim it at his eyelids...

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