Top 10 Qualities George Clooney Looks For In A Woman

George is single again! What does he want in a girl?


Single ladies around the world can now rejoice! George Clooney has officially separated from his latest girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis.
The couple has called off their relationship, leaving the dating pool wide open for Clooney, one of Hollywood’s most attractive men. If you’ve got your eye on this “sexiest man alive,” you’re not alone. But do you have what it takes to attract this notorious bachelor? Here are the top 10 qualities he looks for in a woman. See if you measure up!
1. Foreign beauty: If you’re from a country outside of the U.S., your odds of landing Clooney have significantly gone up. Celine Balitran (France), Mariella Frostup (Norway) and Canalis (Italy) are just a few of his “foreign affairs.”
2. Big name actress: One of the most successful men in Hollywood would surely be attracted to an equally successful actress. And rightfully so, since both understand the demands and stresses that come with the job. Clooney’s past women have resumes almost as impressive as his; just take a look at Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Kelly Preston and Renee Zellwegger. But don’t plan on starring in a movie alongside George to win his affection. It appears he doesn’t date his co-stars – at least, not during filming.
3. Piercing eyes: Clooney prefers a few physical features on women, one of them being incredibly piercing eyes. Preston, Roberts, Theron, Lucy Liu and Canalis all share the striking eyes trait.
4. Pouty lips: Going along with physical features, Clooney’s also attracted to a pouty lips. Exes Karen Duffy, Roberts, Theron, Zellwegger and Canalis have incredibly full lips that they use to their full advantage.
5. Exotic: This actor gravitates toward exotic looking woman. We need to look no further than Huma Abedin, Liu and, of course, Canalis to determine that this is certainly a look that draws George.
6. Astrological sign? Scorpio: Yes, it must be in the “stars” for a relationship with Clooney to work. Three of his ex-girlfriends – Celine Balitran, Roberts and Mariella Frostrup – are Scorpios. He certainly likes a determined, passionate and exciting woman in his life – all famous Scorpio characteristics.
7. Age: No cougars need apply! Clooney tends to date women much younger than himself. Sarah Larson was 18 years his junior, while he had a good 17 years on his latest ex.
8. Not the marrying kind: If you’re the kind of person who wants a commitment that ends with a diamond on your finger, go ahead and look elsewhere. This bachelor is notoriously famous for steering clear of husband-territory. In fact, out of all of his exes, Clooney has only married one – Talia Balsam. After their relationship ended, he declared that he would never marry again. So far, no other woman has been able to convince him otherwise.
9. Attention seeking: When you’re with Clooney, all attention is on him. If it’s your time to shine, move on to the next man. He’s dated some pretty famous names, but when it’s time for the red carpet or movie premieres, all eyes, all attention and cameras immediately focus on him.
10. Model-esque looks: And lastly, if you don’t have long lean legs, stunning facial features and gorgeous hair, don’t waste your time. This man is definitely attracted to model-type women, including Vendella Kiresbom Thomessen, Traylor Howard and Lisa Snowdon.
Do you measure up? If you can count yourself among at least a few of the top 10 qualities Clooney covets, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to see if you can catch the most recent eligible man in Hollywood! 

By Greg Buckskin for