Improving Your Self Image


We can all do with a little boost to our self image every now and then.

We can all do with a little boost to our self image every now and then. Here, weʼve got the ultimate tips to help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

There are all sorts of ways to improve your self image. Some are small things you can work on daily, while other things you can see as an investment in yourself. Here, weʼve got a great list of tips for boosting your self image. From creating a list of self-affirmations to getting that breast enhancement youʼve been thinking about, weʼve got some great ideas to have your feeling your very best about the way you look and feel:

  • Create a list of daily self-affirmations: Make a list of some inspirational affirmations you can say to yourself each morning in the mirror. Itʼs really a great way to start the day and by repeating positive self talk you will start to feel the benefits of changing the way you think and feel about your self image.
  • Focus on the parts of your body you like the most: We are all guilty of standing in front of the mirror and picking out some of the areas weʼd perhaps like to change. What we are not quick to do is focus on the things that we like about ourselves. Take the time to consciously appreciate the things about your appearance that you like and focus on these areas.
  • Enjoy your own company: How can you learn to love yourself if you donʼt really take the time to spend a few hours on your own, in your own company? If you arenʼt accustomed to going places alone, try it. Go to your local cafe and enjoy a coffee and a good read of the newspaper.
  • Embrace your inner child: Children donʼt focus on someoneʼs weight or other aspects of appearance that adults focus much attention on. Embrace the child within you that is happy to be themselves and confident and stand up for yourself when that voice inside your head tells you that you arenʼt good enough!
  • Be active: Staying active is an important key to feeling good about yourself. Not only is it good to be out in the fresh air, but exercise boosts our happy hormones and makes us feel good.
  • If you really donʼt like something, change it: If you have been thinking about an area of your body that youʼd really like to change, then why not enquire about how to go about doing that? If you have wanted to find out about getting a breast enlargement, why not now? If you feel that it really will boost your self image and confidence, go for it!
  • Surround yourself with the people who love you: Ditch the fake friends that seem to only be worried about your jean size. The people that really love you, love you for you. Not your dress size.

Combatting poor self image is all about being able to quickly recognise negative self talk so be aware anytime you feel yourself drifting into an all out onslaught on how big your thighs look in those pants.
We are all unique and different and if we werenʼt, life would be boring. I hope our tips have really given you some positive ideas to help you skyrocket your confidence and self image so you can love yourself and appreciate the skin youʼre in.