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Three's Company: Ashley Tisdale Makes A Play For Zac Efron

Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, and Vanessa Hudgens

Tweens across the country were distraught when Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, also known as Zanessa, called it quits last December. But fans may be interested to know that High School Musical costar (and Vanessa's BFF) Ashley Tisdale has been seen getting quite comfortable with a very single Zac. 

NYDailyNews.com reports that Ashely and Zac were all over each other at her birthday party in Malibu on Saturday. Zac kissed Ashley on the cheek, and Ashley happily let him give her a piggyback ride in nothing but a bikini.

A Zac and Ashley romance would most likely be disastrous for Ashley and Vanessa's friendship. Even though Vanessa has been seen getting cuddly with The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson, Ashley would be far from getting a best friend award if she made a play for Vanessa's first love. Has Zac Efron Moved On Already From Vanessa Hudgens?

Yet, despite Zac's apparent flirtations with Ashley, sources say that Zac is only using Ashley to try to win Vanessa's love back.

"Zac is still not over Vanessa," a source told HollywoodLife.com. "His heart is broken and he can't get over her. He may seem happy on the outside, but inside he is hurting. He regrets ever ending his relationship with Vanessa. And seeing Vanessa with Josh Hutcherson just drives him crazy...Let's face it-Zac is single and hot, maybe Ashley's true feelings for him are now just coming out!"

But others say the two remain friends, and friends alone. Ashley recently tweeted a picture of her boyfriend Scott Speer affectionately kissing her and added that, "I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends, family, and man in my life! #grateful."

And despite seemingly romantic moments where the duo held hands, Ashley tweeted, "So happy zacary made it to my party. He's my brother/best friend!!!"

Has anyone else thought that for Disney movie actors, the cast sure has had their share of scandals? What with Vanessa's naked photos and various love connections. Then again, they are far from topping Disney-pal Miley Cyrus. Is Miley Cyrus Dating Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mini-Me?

Besides, we have a feeling that there won't be an Ashley-Zac love connection, at least not yet. Ashley, for her part, has taken to Twitter once again to defend herself, "Family, and BOYFRIEND Scott. I will not let stupid rumors ruin all the fun we had! Xoxo."

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