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Tips On Buying A Sex Toy For Your Girlfriend Or Significant Other

Tips on Buying a Sex Toy

Your girlfriend or wife wants to experiment with a sex toy, which is great news for you. This excites you as this brings your relationship to a whole new level. The idea of watching her masturbate, or pleasuring her with the toy is quite a turn on for you. You begin to feel aroused just thinking about it. Your girlfriend gives you the challenge of choosing one for her, but you don't know what to get. There are so many female and male sex toys on the market, that you start to feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. What if she hates it and never wants to try one again? Should I go for a pricier model? what kind of styles should I get?

If you feel stumped and need a little guidance, here are some sex toys that you may want to consider for your new adventures.

Start of with something simple. There are a number of Traditional Vibrators that may not offer a rotating shaft, a number of vibration modes, or emit a fancy light show. However, these vibes are easy to use, can be inserted vaginally, and are also effective in producing an orgasm. You also want a vibe that is powerful, and will impress her with its performance. Some vibes are made of Hard Plastic. The advantages of this is that the vibrations are felt even more, as the softer, more flexible vibes tend to absorb some of the vibrations. Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Jasmine is an example of a vibe made of hard plastic that offers powerful, multi-speed vibrations. If you feel that she would prefer a vibrator that is more flexible, check out Jelly Rapture 8" Pink. Extremely soft, and still powerful enough to be effective.

Jack Rabbit style vibes, also known as dual action vibrators, are extremely powerful and pleasurable. These vibrators typically have a rotating shaft with a clitoral stimulator that vibrates. Therefore,she can be aroused by vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Some of the best selling Jack Rabbit Style vibes are the Decadent Indulgence, Impulse Jack Rabbit, and Spicy Rabbit Supreme.

If you want to join in on the fun, you can also try out a vibrating erection ring, which the male wears around the base of his penis during intercourse. This not only prolongs the male's erection, but also contains a stimulator that vibrates and stimulates the clitoris upon contact. Most of the vibrating erection rings are made of flexible, soft materials to ensure the comfort for the male. If wearing a vibrating ring is not your cup of tea, then check out a smaller vibe that can be held against her clitoris during sexual intercourse, such as a pocket rocket style of vibe, that will not interfere with the action.