5 Reasons To Skip The Club On A First Date

If you are looking for a second date you should probably avoid going to a club for your first.

5 Reasons to Skip the Club on a First Date

Just about everyone enjoys a night out at the club once in a while. You get together with your favorite group of pals, put on your best duds, and stand in line for an hour to get into a dark, crowded room crammed with sweaty, drunken dancers. Okay, so it doesn’t sound that great, but once you’ve got a couple drinks in you and you’re grinding to the house beats, you know you’re going to have a great time (right up until you’re puking up everything you just drank and suffering from dehydration). Let’s just say there’s a certain amount of ritualism to the whole ordeal that keeps people coming back. However, you might want to hold off on taking your date to the club scene the first time out of the gate. There are many reasons why you’d be better off choosing a different venue to make your first impression.


1. Noise. A first date is about getting to know the other person, which is why you generally choose a locale such as a restaurant or coffee shop. There are simply less distractions and noise to get in the way of your one-on-one. But if these venues seem too staid for you, or you simply prefer some activity to break the ice, why not opt for a bowling alley, a miniature golf course, a pool hall, or someplace equally lively but without so much noise that you can’t even hear yourself think (much less strike up a conversation).

2. Competition. Let’s face it: there’s going to be a LOT of competition at the club, no matter what your gender. Ladies, you don’t want to be up against the sort of girls that normally frequent clubs, with their slinky skirts that look more like a belt than a garment, a complete lack of support for “the girls”, and heels so high it’s a wonder they can keep from falling over. And guys, you know if you show up at a club with that hot little honey from down the hall, there are going to be dudes lining up to grind on her whenever your back is turned. You might as well be speed dating for all the time you’ll actually get to spend with the person you showed up to the club with. And you’ll be lucky to leave with the same person.


3. Dance skills. You’ve either got ‘em or you don’t. Most people don’t. There are two problems, though. Even if you happen to be among the phenomenally coordinated and self-assured people who can make others turn and look appreciatively (so that you might impress your prospective partner at a club), what are the odds that your date can pass muster, as well? If you end up dancing circles around your date (or vice versa), the chances of love blossoming are slim to none. And if you’re terrible, well, that’s probably much worse.

4. Shy date. Who says your date is even interested in clubs? Did you bother to ask? If you show up to a club with someone who is too shy to hit the dance floor, you’re going to end up with one boring and uncomfortable evening on your hands – never a good way to start things off.

5. Alcohol. Jamie Foxx says you should blame it on the alcohol, but the truth is we all know better. When you drink you get stupid. So unless you want to embarrass yourself in front of someone you have a shot at a relationship with, you’re better off skipping the club scene, where alcohol is prevalent.

Darcy Johansan writes for The Guestlist Club where you can find info on the hottest club in London, China Whites.