The Top 10 Ways To Reignite Attraction In A Relationship

Attraction wanes in relationships; here's how to get it back.

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Like peeling an onion or plucking a many-petaled flower, a relationship throughout its course will reveal itself in many varied layers.

While one may begin hot and heavy only to slowly simmer to a cool breeze, another may be passionate only in fits and starts. Regardless, one truth everyone can agree on is that attraction within your relationship will change shape over its course.

YourTango, and MSN's polled more than 20,000 people asking them questions about the power of attraction in short and long-term relationships. The good news? While 88.5 percent of those surveyed agreed that attraction changes to your partner over time, 90 percent said it's possible to reignite the magic.


The top ten ways those surveyed would bring back the heat are listed below. Note how the simplest solutions are often the best.

1.) Talk about the relationship together (80.6%)
2.) Dress up and go out on dates together (80.1%)
3.) Have more sex together (78.3%)
4.) Cook together (71.7%)
5.) Go to a museum, concert or other cultural event together (69.2%)
6.) Do sports together (i.e. skiing, hiking, golfing, etc.) (65.6%)
7.) Travel together (65.3%)
8.) Exercise together (58.5%)
9.) Watch TV together (35%)
10.) Get your partner to change (32.6%)

In a nutshell, it seems just simply spending more time with your partner is expected to iron out some of the kinks and encourage love to reign once again. It's interesting that encouraging change in your partner ranked last, outnumbered by everything from traveling, to watching TV to cooking together. Not shockingly, the top three are cornerstones in every healthy relationship: talking, going on dates and having sex.


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