The History Of Erotic Massage

single woman enjoying it

Modern day erotic massages are an essential part of the everyday bedroom activities. It serves as either an excellent form of foreplay or it may also be performed after the act of sex. It is also an excellent relaxation technique, a means by which lovers can use to get more comfortable and even emotionally intimate with one another. Generally erotic massages are used as a way of achieving sexual arousal and for this reason it is erotic massages are mainly performed on the body’s erogenous zones. Erotic massages are not however a new thing. They have been in society for quite a long time albeit carried out in a nature that was a little more secretive.

As far back as the seventeenth century, there existed a thing called genital massage. This was performed on women by either a physician or a midwife. The massage was performed to orgasm as a standard means of treating what is commonly called female hysteria. This form of treatment was popular to both the women and the physicians since the physicians knew the women were never at any risk but would still need the treatment constantly. Every now and then, the husbands would be asked to assist if the procedure was seen to be taking too long to reach completion.

Erotic massages would receive a significant boost when the infamous vibrators came around. The first of these obviously can't compare to what is in the market right now but they were just as effective and reduced the 'treatment' period to just minutes. In and around the nineteenth century, hydrotherapy devices which were just another form of vibrators were being used in most locations in Europe and America more so, the high profile bathing resorts. By 1870 physicians could now access a vibrator that was driven by clockwork but even earlier than that, and electromechanical vibrator had already been put to use in a French asylum.

But even up to this point, the sexual nature of the vibrators was still kept largely under wraps as physicians maintained that these devices were meant solely for medical purposes. The spread of electricity is what would take the advancement of sensual massages to where it is now. The vibrator, an essential tool in erotic massages would for the first time get access to the consumer market and as far back as 1918, there were ads for vibrators that were being put up. This advancement made the treatment much cheaper and as an added incentive could be performed within the privacy of one's own home.

From here on, it is anyone's guess where the path led to because all over the world, new and better methods of administering erotic massages were being invented and put to very good use. Some methods are used as a standard while some are more about individual preference but in the end the result is the same glorious and satisfying experience. Society has finally come to embrace erotic massage as a part of life and a particularly satisfying part!