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New Dating Site Lets Men Buy Dates With Attractive Women

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Just when we thought dating services couldn't get more wacky than the one that tests your DNA for compatibility, someone had to create a website that allows members to bid on attractive users for a first date. If you're attractive, single, and broke, consider creating a profile on Name your price, wait for the offers to come in, and haggle with the bidder until you've reached a deal. On your first date, pick up the cash and hope that the person is as cute as he is generous. It's every girl's dream come true!

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According to the website's About section, people have plenty to gain by joining this dating site instead of of the conventional ones. For one thing, its user base is populated by "those who have high standards," who are "beautiful and attractive," and who are "generous." Although anyone can identify as a bidder or as an attractive user, the former category is dominated by males while the latter is filled with females. If you're a woman, you no longer have to worry about weeding through creepers for your Prince Charming. Instead, you'll choose from a selection of guys who sincerely want to be with you. Nothing says "be my wifey" like a $100-dollar bill, right?

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Once an offer is accepted, the site will unlock the messaging capability to let the two users plan out their date. The bidder will pay the website a percentage of the final price and will hand over the rest on the first date. It's obvious what the "attractive user" has to gain from this process, and the bidder can rest assured knowing that he won't be stood up.

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As a bonus, provides an array of first date tips and ideas. Go to Chuck E. Cheese to see who can win more prizes. Go karaoking. Honor your favorite culture by dressing in their clothes and eating their cuisine. Build a sand castle! On a less whimsical note, it also advises bidders to pay 50 percent at the start of the date and 50 percent after it. Exchange cash only once you meet in person, and not before. Be financially savvy: if someone requests payment by Western Union, report him, and remember to accept cash instead of checks.

While more than 10,000 people have signed up since March 29 of this year, the site has drawn a legion of skeptics, and for good reason. Paying someone to spend a few hours with you? That system sounds familiar. Gawker, MSNBC and The Huffington Post have all said that the site treats its members like prostitutes, but founder Brandon Wade argues that the stigma is unfounded. Tithing at church doesn't make religion synonymous to prostitution. Paying money at Starbucks or the gas station doesn't turn those services into brothels. If you're not convinced yet, how about when charity events auction off dates for a cause? Mixing capitalism and dating sounds totally harmless, right? In fact, the only thing that's not legitimate about this service is that bidders can't ask for a refund.

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