My Guy Friend's Girlfriend Doesn't Like Me!

My friend Neil and I  met almost 2 years ago when I moved directly next door to him. There was never anything other than a strictly platonic relationship. We were like eating buddies doing so at least 3 times a week. We hung out with either each other or in groups. One night he invited me out to hang with some of his friends...they were all woman...because he is one of the last good guys out there so the ladies love him! So when he introduced me to one of the girls I was like "wow, she's pretty why don't they date?" He said that they had been friends for a long time. Anywho, she was kind to me but a little stand-offish. I didn't' take it personally. I'm a big girl and know that not everyone has to be friends. Anywho, all of us hung out many time after and her still being kind and stand-offish. Once at his birthday party her and I took a picture together and she turned her back to me....not kind. Fast forward 8 months later (I had moved out of that building yet we still hung out at least once a week) at  my birthday dinner and he tells me that he and her have been dating for about 3 months. I'm happy for them yet he says "that she is more into it them him" famous last words of a man "whipped". So we hang out like usual for a few more months then nothing.Then this year at his birthday party ( he invited me not her) I made a point of being extra kind to her. Complimenting her on the decorations, food, how great she looked and how happy they looked together!

 Now he can only meet up with me for noontime lunches only to which he says he is busy with work...yet his "four square on facebook" constantly tells that they are out every single night. Even hanging out with the his girl  friends from before.

Now I'm upset because I would happily hang out with my friend and his girl ( who doesn't like me) just to hang out with my friend...don't see happening anytime soon :-(