All Men Want Is Sex. All Women Want Is Money.

All men want is sex. All women want is money.

"Every man I meet wants one thing."
"All women are the same... looking for a free ride."
"Every man cheats."
"Every women changes after they get married."

If I hear these lines one more time I think I'm going to puke. Not very professional, I know. Being a Chicago matchmaker is much more than finding the perfect woman for a certain man. Almost everyone I've worked with has had hang ups that come from past relationship pains or misconceptions developed from watching negative relationships with loved ones.

I'm going to say something that might blow your mind.... those lines above are true; just as much as they are false. WAIT... hold your hate mail...
People have a need, a desire, a want for physical connection (sex). People would rather marry or date someone with enough money to support both of them. People do change after they are married. People do cheat.

The problem is that many singles (you?) like to use those lines as a false security. They stay away from relationships because “every man I meet only wants one thing”. When friends ask how the dating life is going, many people find comfort in those lines. There is nothing wrong with YOU if every man only wants to *&^# your brains out… you’re the good girl who is staying pure and not dating until you find “the one”. So being single is suddenly a better option than beating these men off with a stick.

Don’t use this false security! It’s a line. A lie. There are millions of GREAT men and women. Not only are these men and women honest, commitment focused singles, but they are attractive, confident and at the top of their career. How do I know? I meet them every day. I have lengthy discussions with them and get to know their character and past. I know some personally very well. These are people who would rather get to know you well before sleeping with you, who don’t cheat, who don’t want you for your money and who won’t do a 180 after the ring is on the finger.

These people are the majority. The liars, cheaters, gold diggers and losers you’ve been dating are a minority. Don’t give up on dating just because you have found a few bad apples over the years!

If you are finding it hard to meet quality singles, come out to a Mingle Around event. The events are low key, laid back and fun. They also draw out Chicago’s sexiest singles. Bring a single friend with… mix and mingle and enjoy the night. There is a HUGE Nuts & Bolts party this month at Fado’s downtown and a few speed dating events. Come out and enjoy the night. Just leave your hang ups at home!

Jill Jackson

Chicago Matchmaker