Dos And Don'ts For The Morning After

Couple having breakfast in bed

Guys, you may not know this, but the morning after is just about as important as the night before. Many an awesome evening has been ruined by a crappy morning. Spending the night with you and, specifically, how you behave in the morning, tells us a whole lot about what kind of man you are. If the good times keep rolling when the sun comes up, you'll leave us wanting more good times. Consider the morning after make it or break it time. Add your morning after dealmakers and dealbreakers in the comments. The Frisky: What's The Most Ridiculous Post-Sex Request You've Ever Received?


1. The guy who cooks breakfast, goes on a food run, or makes a pot of coffee without being asked
2. The guy who walks your dog
3. The guy who likes to get it on in the morning
4. The guy who is into co-showering
5. The guy who makes jokes
6. The guy who plays DJ while you're getting dressed
7. The guy who warms up his car for you on a cold winter's day
8. The guy who remembers where you took off and left your earrings last night
9. The guy who gives you not one, but two, CLEAN towels for your shower. And if he gives you wash cloth, too, you should probably marry him on the spot.
10. The guy who makes your bed, even if he does a completely crap job at it. The Frisky: 8 Celebs Busted Doing The Walk Of Shame


1. The guy who is in a cranky mood and doesn't want to get it on because he's "not a morning person"
2. The guy who wants to know why you don't have any Kiehls
3. The guy who won't leave your place until well into the afternoon even though you've hinted that it's time for him to scram
4. The guy who is in a rush to leave/ get rid of you or is clearly panicked to wake up next to another human being
5. The guy who won't have breakfast or even a cup of coffee with you and doesn't offer you jack to eat. Not even a glass of water!
6. The guy who takes forever getting out the door in the morning by checking his email, watching Sports Center and/or dumb Internet videos
7. The guy who overdoes it when spritzing the nasty-ass cologne

8. The guy whose shower is comprised of three old pubes, a gnarly-looking loofah his ex-girlfriend obviously left behind two years ago and a crusty-looking bottle of Axe body wash
9. The guy who doesn't take out his trash so his apartment spells like the dump
10. The guy who complains about the comfort of your bed or pillows The Frisky: Crave: The Walk Of Shame Kit

Written by Ami Angelowicz for The Frisky