Community Spotlight: You're Showing Too Much Skin

A man ogles a woman in a short skirt.

Who is responsible for lusty thoughts? This week YourTango users were especially fired up over a Traditional Love post asking if men are to blame for having "impure" thoughts or should women—particularly scantily clad women—take some responsibility? As you might have guessed, men and women had different opinions. YourTango user btoenges related:

"I am a Christian woman that is 27 years old, and I attend a church that has holiness standards. Which means we teach a woman to dress modestly, with the mens thought life in mind. Men will be men and have those regardless in some situations, but if you can prevent them, then why not prevent them. I can say personally that I dont want to be the cause of a mans fantasies, so I cover myself up...especially at church!! Thats just wrong to go into church knowing you are showing your bodies that way."

Vasha doesn't see the point in worrying about clothes: "btoenges what foolishness is this? Cover up and men will fantasize about some other part. That is a losing game. Would God or Jesus care? I don't think so. Women is his creation so modesty is not going to work anyway, Me thinks thou shall study more about the church and it's politics."

Do men with "impure" thoughts need a cold shower, or should both sexes make a joint effort to dress modestly? Join the conversation: The TRUTH About What Guys Think (And Feel) When You Dress Sexy For Church

Over on the Ask YourTango forum, pinkglitter admits she has feelings for her boss and wants to know how to navigate the touchy situation:

"For the past 2 years, I've really liked my boss. I'm leaving my job soon, and I'm contemplating saying something before I leave. All my interactions with him are very professional, not leaving much room for potential. I feel like he couldn't say anything due to the fact we're in a professional relationship, so I feel like the only hope is if I say something. We're both single. What should I do?"

Do you have any advice for pinkglitter? Is opening up to her boss worth the risk? Have you been involved in a workplace romance?