The Case Against Facebook Relationship Status 'It's Complicated'

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There are a lot of complicated things in life—like trying to figure out what's going on in the Middle East, or why Charlie Sheen is still famous, or what outfit to wear this Friday night. But your Facebook relationship status should not be one of them. College Candy: Kira The Dating Coach Is Going To Take The "Complicated" Out Of Your Relationship

Lesson 12: "It's Complicated" but we don't need to know that.

There are so many things wrong with the "It's Complicated" status that sometimes I wonder if Facebook just threw it up on the profile settings just for kicks and giggles. Maybe this so-called relationship status comes with the territory of our generation's tendency to overshare on social media sites, but this is almost as bad as your sister posting a home video of giving birth to her firstborn on Facebook and tagging it, "a miracle."

Why would you feel the need to tell the world that you are basically incapable of having a real relationship? And if you are capable of having a real relationship, this status says you blatantly prefer the drama of an "It's Complicated" situation more. Because really, if it's that complicated, you probably shouldn't be with the person.

In what situation does the "It's Complicated" actually benefit someone? Certainly not when you meet a new guy and he adds you on Facebook with hopes of sending a flirty little message to ask you out. And certainly not when your mom adds you and you don't really need another reason for her to hate your taste in men.

Whatever just happened to being in a relationship or not? Don't get me wrong, I love a good fear of commitment as much as the next person, just ask some of my exes. But if you're going to get on Facebook to tell the Internet about your relationship status, stop and consider that maybe the only people who care if "It's Complicated" are the people who already know it. The rest of us? Could care less. And let's be real, are probably going to judge you for it. College Candy: Are You A Social Media Oversharer?

Not only does the "It's Complicated" status almost completely wipe out the potential for a new relationship, it does nothing but emphasize your taste for the more dramatic things in life. Whether we like it or not, never have two words said so much about a person. The minute someone reads the "It's Complicated" status on someone's page, the assumptions begin to flow like Keystone at a frat kegger.

The worst part? The list of things people could assume are endless. People may assume you're a drama fiend who treats every relationship like a battlefield or that you're a pushover who cant come out from under some douchebag's heavy hand or that you have serious emotional issues or even worse, that you've only ever dated people with serious emotional issues. And believe me, the list goes on.

Whether you care what the world thinks or not, the bottom line is that the "It's Complicated" status is so not sexy. So if you keep asking yourself why your love life is at a standstill, you might want to reconsider your Facebook relationship status of choice. College Candy: What Your Age Says About Your Facebook Wall Posts

In order for you to open your life to new love, you have to let go of old love (or lust) not because it's the right thing to do, but because, how the hell else is the rest of the world supposed to know you're single and looking?

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Written by Anjli-University of Texas at Austin for College Candy