Community Spotlight: February 11, 2011

Parenting's tough, and many moms use the term "mommy juice" for the alcohol they consume while caring for their kids. We know drinking in moderation is fine, but what if a mom goes overboard? In "Will I Fit In As The Sober Mom?," writer Brooke Dowd Sacco explained why she quit drinking in order to be a better mom and wife. She knows it was best for her, but worries that staying sober might make socializing with other moms difficult.

YourTango user seekingclarav supported Brooke's decision and shared her own experience:

"As a sober mom, I have yet to run into a situation where I have to explain myself. I have said a couple times, 'No thanks, I don't drink' and wasn't interrogated. It actually felt good to say that I don't drink. My Wednesday afternoon play group would never include alcohol and everyone but me drinks... Also, would you continue attending a cocktail play group? You'll have better options, I promise. I've been to a bunch of mom's nights out and have been one of several moms not drinking. It doesn't occur to me or others to ask why.

Don't worry, Brooke!"

Good points! If a sober mom is uncomfortable hanging out with other moms who are drinking, there are plenty of times and places when alcohol, kids, and parents don't mix. (Don't even think about taking a glass of wine to a Girl Scouts meeting!) But even in more relaxed social settings, other moms really don't care if you drink or not. They mostly just want to commiserate and have a good time, no alcohol necessary.

We've only got a few more days until Break Up With Your Ex Day, where you'll sever all ties with your ex that keep you from moving on. But sites like Twitter and Facebook can wreak havoc on your relationship, even while you're still in it.

Consider the situation YourTango user foxier0xy is in. Her Facebook newsfeed shows that her boyfriend is friending hot, scantily-clad women and commenting on their photos. She isn't the jealous type, but her Ask YourTango question explains her concerns:

"I know that guys like to test a girl's reaction to see if she's jealous and that they are visual, but I just wondered if this was the new era of Googling pictures of models, and if it's a guy thing... It gives the appearance that he's always searching for something hotter, or the perfect body, but can never get it. I trust him, but I just was wondering if this is even worth confronting him about."

Does foxier0xy need to confront her boyfriend about his Facebook interactions with sexy strangers?