Now You Can Facebook Stalk Your Date While Driving!

Girl driving in a car.

Among the mass of Super Bowl commercials that hit the airwaves this year, one stood out as particularly confounding to us. Chevrolet has now oh-so-graciously gifted us with the ability to Facebook stalk while driving. Um, thank you?

You might remember the commercial to which we refer. If not, we'll recap.

A guy and a gal have just been out on their very first date. They are presumably outside the lady's apartment. After a quick kiss, the gal runs off and the guy proceeds to his vehicle, where he immediately asks his car to bring up his Facebook newsfeed. Apparently she's already paid a visit to her Facebook wall, as well. It's good news for him. She just had the "best first date ever." Nice. But is this really good news for civilization? Top 10 Etiquette Rules For Facebook

Sure, it was a cute commercial to debut Chevy's latest feature. We'll even admit that it's pretty cool that technology has expanded to the point where we can check Facebook in our cars if we want to. But that's just it, isn't it? Do we really want to?

Not only does it seem hazardous to worry about our newsfeed while trying to make a left-hand turn in heavy traffic, or something of the like, but in the current world of the social media takeover, having Facebook attached to our cars seems borderline life-consuming.

As if we need any more temptation to Facebook, Twitter or Google stalk our significant significant others, dates or exes… Not that we do that, of course, but figuratively. We already have our laptops, cell phones, iPads, etc. attached to our hips. Now we have the ability to social-media stalk anywhere, at any time, even while we're on the road? Not good, friends. Facebook Stalking And Its Effects On Relationships

Call us crazy, but we think this is one piece of technology that's wholly unnecessary. We truly believe our Facebook stalking can wait until we get home. Thanks, but no thanks, Chevrolet.

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What do you think about Chevy's Facebook stalking commercial? Watch it again below and let us know.