Kim Kardashian And Her New Man: How Compatible Are They?

Kim Kardashian

What do the stars have to say about Kim's latest BF and the future of their relationship?

No, we're not talking about Scott Disick, although Kim happens to be super compatible with her sister Kourtney's baby daddy (And yes, we checked. We're gross like that). Kim Kardashian and NBA power forward Kris Humphries have only been dating since November, but since "celeb-u-taunt time" is comparable to "dog years," 90 days is more like 18 months. That must be why he's been ring shopping (which, whaaa?) and she's been jockeying for a meet-the-parents moment.

A few nights ago, Kim hosted an intimate birthday dinner for Kris, his folks, and a few others at New York's STK. (We should mention that, not eight months ago, Kim dragged ex-BF Miles Austin there for his birthday party. We know she's a little…limited, but Kim? Honey? There's more than one restaurant in New York. Get your publicist to Yelp it out for you, k? Thxbye.)

Anywhoo, Kris's 'rents got plenty of one-on-one time with the reigning Kardashian, and reports indicate that the chat involved "get to know you type stuff like, 'This is who I am and what I'm about.'" (We're surprised that took a whole 60 minutes…but we digress.) Since Kris and Kim seem to be putting off the nesting vibe, Moonit's ready to find out if they're a solid match or just a Kim-dates-another-pro-athlete snafu.

According to their birth dates, Kim (born on October 21, 1980) and Kris (born on February 6, 1985)—otherwise known as "Huggy and Smoochy"—are in dutch with the "PDA Police." It's pretty "refreshing to see two people who genuinely dig each other so much and complement each other so well," and the only downside seems to be some stubble burn. Although it's "kind of cute that they can't keep their hands off each other," we hope they'll "break the lip lock and come up for air once in a while."

Still, it's great that they balance each other's personalities—he "expresses his interests passively, which tends to work well since she's pretty assertive"—and that they're fully "emotionally synched." In fact, they're so well aligned that they "have the potential to create a fun, affectionate world for each other…we wouldn't put it past them to design their own personalized wedding bands."

Which reminds us: "Speaking of the big 'M,' holy matrimony may be around the corner. And since they tend to collaborate well (and they've got so much love to go around), kids would be a great idea." Kim with a baby bump? Kris as a devoted dad? Not totally out of the realm of possibilities.

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