5 Types Of Guys Women Can't Resist

5 Types of Guys Women Can't Resist

There are certain things that automatically attract a woman to a man, and some of these things are so important that they make up the type of guys women can’t resist. Here are five of them. Guys, see which one (or ones, for that matter) fit you. If any of these don’t, have no fear because it all goes back to preferences. You might have something that makes you truly, charmingly unique, or you may have a combination of all of these.

1. The guy knows what works for him in the area of fashion and fashion sense.

Guys who know what kinds of clothing look good on them, and are aware of how clothes should fit and what colors are flattering, are always irresistible. Guys don’t necessarily have to be dressed in the latest fashion, especially if they instinctively know that it is not the look for them, and women appreciate this.

2. The guy takes pride in his appearance at all times, not just when he is trying to impress.

Guys who always make sure they are well-groomed are always irresistible. A woman can tell if a guy is literally not used to “cleaning up”. It will show in telltale ways such as fingernails or hands that are so dirty it is impossible to remove all the dirt, and also in a guy’s hair by way of dandruff or oil—a clear sign that his hair is not regularly cleaned.

3. The guy has been taught at least a few rudimentary manners and he practices them, often enough so that they appear natural and not forced.

Guys, here is the quickest way to give yourselves away here: You hold your spoon like a shovel and talk with your mouth full. The next time you sit down to eat, see if you are guilty of this.

4. The guy is respectful.

Many times a woman may be initially attracted to a man for one or more of the reasons listed above, but she still waits to make her move until she sees how he treats others. The most attractive man in the world does not have a chance if he is disrespectful.

5. Something about a guy reminds women of a TV character.

This does not necessarily have to be appearance, either. Gestures or mannerisms can also remind a woman of a TV character. David Caruso, for example, is known for tilting his head a certain way when he is listening or concentrating intently on something.

Guys who have these benefits going for them should remember that while one or all of these are what attracted women to them in the first place, in the end it is their individual personalities and other things that will determine if the attraction is fleeting or can become more permanent. The type of guy who women can’t resist should think of it in this way: The irresistible factor you possess just smoothed the way for an easier first meeting, and while that factor will continue to help some, that in itself won’t sustain the relationship.