Tracy Morgan Leaves The Woman Who Gave Him A Kidney

Tracy Morgan

As much as we've always been a fan of his SNL character Brian Fellow, Tracy Morgan's recently revealed shenanigans are making us think that he isn't always the charming, hilarious guy he seems to be. has reported some rather unfortunate celeb drama about Tracy's health and love life that make Tracy look like a little bit of a punk....I mean, who breaks up with a girl who just gave you her kidney?

A few weeks ago, it was reported that a diabetic Tracy Morgan received a kidney transplant on December 18th. While we were all happy to hear that Tracy is feeling better, it turns out that his loving and giving (no pun intended) ex-girlfriend Tanisha was the donor of the kidney. Only two months later, he's already out dating other women and flaunting it. Tanisha's friends told that "Tracy and Tanisha had broken up in October, and that she wanted to get back together with him. I won't say that that's the only reason she gave him the kidney, but it was a major factor." Ouch girl, don't you think that's trying a little bit too hard? Tracy Morgan Getting Divorced

To make matters worse, Morgan had not even told his family about the procedure...or about Tanisha. Morgan's mother Alicia Warden told that she "does not know who [Tanisha Hall] is," nor did she know about the surgery until a friend read about it on the internet. That's one devoted girlfriend to give a man her kidney having never met his family, or even crossed their minds!

Tracy doesn't seem to care about her mending heart and body, as he was recently on the red carpet, gallivanting about with another lady, now that he's feeling all healthy and such. While I'm sure there was some sort of arrangement between the two of them, it seems pretty brutal to take your ex's kidney after dumping her and then start dating another, slightly prettier version of her. Ick. We're not sensing that this one ended well.

Photo Credit: INF