Does Rihanna Have Lesbian Tendencies?

A new book is claiming that Rihanna may be seeking love from the ladies....fact or fiction?


Is Rihanna hiding a little secret? Huh Ri Ri? Most of the time when a celebrity "comes out of the closet" we aren't shocked, I mean; Ricky Martin, Ellen, I think we all had an idea when we watched that one go down from the sidelines, but Rihanna?

There's certainly some lips that are zipped in Hollywood when it comes to homosexuality, some of our biggest stars have had some speculation that they're swinging the other way; Tom Cruise (who Ricky Gervais poked fun at at the Golden Globes), George Clooney and now, Rihanna.


After her much tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown and recent breakup from Matt Kemp, sources recently told that Rihanna is looking for love from the ladies this time around. With the upcoming book, Low Down Dirty Shame written by Hollywood model/business woman Tajah Burton spills the beans on her A-list encounters, could she be talking about Rihanna?

She tells, "A friend of mine introduced me to this Barbadian pop R&B artist a while ago. I had heard her music numerous times and was a fan of her unique sound. I jokingly told him I wanted to talk to her. He told me on the sly that he wasn't sure she was into women but that he would confirm."


Hm, are there any other famous singers in the spotlight that fit that description? Apparently when the two met up, "sex came up immediately, she was a freak." If you've heard Rihanna's new jam, "S&M" we wouldn't be terribly shocked by this claim. Rihanna and Drake: Dating Again?

Could it be that Rihanna wanted to explore, have a fling with someone she found sexy....after all, she didn't get the boozy college years that so many women experience (that may involve a smooch or two with someone of the same sex). Either way, Tajah Burton's book is making people a little nervous, perhaps she does have something to tell?

No matter what your sexual orientation is Ri Ri, we love you, do your thang sister.

Photo Credit: INF