Natalie Portman Calls Out Her Baby Daddy At The Golden Globes

Was Natalie's reference to Benjamin Millepied in her acceptance speech a little too awkward?

Natalie Portman wins a Golden Globe.

As was expected, Natalie Portman notched a win for Best Actress in a drama film on Sunday night at the Golden Globes. We just love this girl, and her performance in Black Swan truly was a highlight of the year, so the award was definitely deserved. We were excited to see her accept the statuette, as Portman is usually quite eloquent with her words... usually.

When the very pregnant winner reached the podium to give her speech, everything was going just fine. Portman graciously acknowledged the other talent in the room and even gave a cute shout-out to her grandma Bernice who was watching the telecast from home. We were thinking: Aw, how adorable...


But adorable didn't last very long, as soon things took a turn for the awkward.

As has been routine at most press events this season and while making the awards circuit rounds, Portman thanked her fiancé and baby daddy Benjamin Millepied, with whom she worked with on the film. However this time, that gratitude was a touch different. Who Is Benjamin Millepied, Natalie Portman’s Fiancé?

"And thank you to Benjamin," Portman said. "Benjamin choreographed the film, and you may remember him as the guy who, when they ask, 'Would you sleep with that girl?' and he’s like, 'No.' He’s the best actor, it’s not true, he totally wants to sleep with me!"


Was it just us, or did that mention of her baby bump cause anyone else to squirm a tad? (If you missed it live, check out the video below for a bit of instant-replay.) The crowd did laugh, but we're sort of thinking it was more out of discomfort--and the fact that Nat was also cracking up--than actual humor.


Portman continued the slight sense of awkwardness by calling out her fellow Swan nominee as Mila "SweetLips" Kunis, in reference to their scandalous love scene in the movie. By the end of the speech, we were fighting that deer-in-headlights euphoria. Was that the best acceptance ever, or a total train wreck? The jury is still out, but nonetheless, it entertained.

If Natalie wins the Academy Award for Best Actress, can we expect more of the same? We're not sure if we would welcome that or not. Ask us again after the shock wears off.


Photo Credit: INF