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Stephanie Seymour's Son Responds To Mother/Son Embrace: I'm Gay!

Stephanie Seymour's Son Peter Brant II

Remember the olden days when Angelina Jolie and her brother were creepily close on the red carpet? Well, there may be new heirs to the throne of family inappropriateness: Stephanie Seymour and her son, Peter Brant II. Several days ago, the two were photographed canoodling in the tropical setting of St. Barth, with Seymour's son cupping her breast in a way that strangers just might instead mistake him for her husband!

The faux pas has garnered an international media blitz, but the oldest son of Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant isn't apologizing. In fact, the 18-year-old is speaking out to defend his actions and insists it's all just normal mother-son stuff, really. Peter Brant And Stephanie Seymour House Hunt

"I would just like to say that these pictures have been taken completely out of context; my mother and I are very close as she is with all her children," Brant II told Gawker. "She often hugs and kisses me and my siblings in an manner that is intimate, any mother in the world does the same."

Brant II goes on to state that he is openly gay and that he acknowledges their "relationship may be different because of [his] sexuality." He also adds that he and Seymour were were well-aware of the paparazzi's presence on the beach and wouldn’t do anything differently.

Though Brant II has called the collective gasps and rumors a "malicious attack," he does seem to be enjoying the attention to some degree. On Friday, the aspiring socialite trumpeted the arrival of his 1,000th Facebook fan. He also appears to be following in his mom’s footsteps as a model on the rise, with Paper dubbing him the "It Boy" of last fall's Fashion Week. And, like any celeb worth their salt, he also seems to have mastered the art of the public statement:

"We learn to accept that these photos may appear in the media but we do not appreciate speculation on our personal lives and any other hateful uninhibited opinions," wrote Brant II. Inside Stephanie Seymour's Ugly Divorce

So was it truly just a loving mother-son moment or did Seymour and Brant II cross a lascivious line? Sound off in the comments and give us your take!

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