Airline Offering In-Flight Sex Shut Down

An airline that lets couples have in-flight sex has been grounded for safety reasons.

couple near airplane

Sanctioned in-flight sex, we barely knew you. The UK's Civil Aviation Authority has shut down Mile High Flights, an English airline that provides couples with chartered flights just for having sex at 5,280 feet. Lay-Overs And Flight Delays Are Great For Singles

According to the CAA, in-flight sex distracts pilots and flight staff from their jobs, thus endangering everyone on board. Mike Crisp, the company's founder, begs to differ, accusing the CAA of "prudish snobbery." 11 Surprising Facts About America's Sexual Behavior


"I'm not giving up on what was a very popular business idea, because someone at the CAA doesn't like the sound of what goes on in our planes," he told the Telegraph. "Joining the Mile High Club is something a lot of British couples dream of and we were providing the chance for people to fulfill that particular fantasy."

Mile High Flights began in 2007 after Crisp and his friend converted a Cessna Grand Caravan single-engined plane into a luxurious, romantic aircraft complete with mattress, pillows, and cushions. Couples can choose between two flight options. "The Big One," which costs £640, gives couples 40 minutes to get in on, while "The VIP," which costs £930, lasts an hour and half, 60 minutes of which are spent in flight. Adding an additional person costs an extra £125. Once aboard, couples are given strawberries and champagne, while the captain informs them of safety measures and when it's OK for them to begin getting frisky. Top 7 Places to Get Naughty


Apparently, those measures weren't enough for the CAA. A spokesperson said: "We cast no moral judgments on what people do in their planes, that's not our business. Unfortunately it became apparent that our safety criteria couldn't be met and the application was not passed."

Although we doubt couples taking Mile High Flights keep their seatbelts fastened at all times while not moving around the cabin, we'd imagine it's even more dangerous to fulfill the mile high club fantasy the old-fashioned way: by scurrying into a stall when the flight attendant isn't looking.

Are you a part of the mile high club? Would you sign up for Mile High Flights if it weren't grounded?