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What It's Really Like Working For A Sex Toy Company

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Working for an adult toy company has been one of my greatest experiences.

Since I graduated college, I have worked for several well-known companies in the marketing department, including a popular restaurant chain. About four years ago, I decided to take a position as the Marketing Director for an online sex toy company called

Since I have worked for the company, it has been one of my most amazing working experiences. I have had the opportunity to work with caring and compassionate people and grow in my professional life. I have also had the opportunity to meet other wonderful people in the adult toy and film industry.

My work experience in the adult toy industry has also taught me a lot about myself and opened my mind in my own relationship.

SO, What's It Like Working For A Sex Toy Company?

One of the most important things for me in my career was to work for a company whose products I could be proud of and feel that I am a part of a company that is making a difference in someone's life.


This is exactly how I feel about SpicyGear and the sex toy industry in general. What some individuals do not understand is that people who buy sex toys are not desperate, perverts, or twisted by any means. Our customers have consisted of every day hard working individuals who want to unwind after a hard day.

We also have customers who are in amazing relationships and want to continue to keep the fire going in their sex life by using a sex toy during intimacy on occasion. Customers of all backgrounds and professions have ordered adult products before.

When I write about sex toys, whether it be a press release, sales copy, or in one of my sexuality articles, I know that these products are going to bring a smile to the user's face or bring a couple closer together. I also feel that sex toy users can become better lovers by understanding his or her own body's response to sexual stimulation and more experimental with his or her lover in the bedroom.

This is why I am proud of working for this company. The products that we offer can benefit someone's life in so many ways.


I will be honest... there have been times in which we have had individuals leave a message on the company voice mail pretending to masturbate or leaving obscene comments.

Of course, we brush these calls off. Just because we sell sex toys doesn't mean we want to have phone sex! However, these calls are very minimal. Plus, having these occasional calls makes for a good laugh in our office.

The environment that I work in is wonderful. As I mentioned before, I work with caring and compassionate people. Although everyone works hard every day and is very professional, it is also a fun loving, relaxed environment.

We have a good team dynamic. The company has a large warehouse where we stock all of the products with a separate office area. Honestly, there is not a day where I dreaded coming into the office in all seriousness. For individuals who worry that sex toy companies are operated out of a shady garage, this is furthest from the truth.


I am proud of what I do.

I enjoy what I do and feel very fortunate because I know there are many people out there that are miserable in their own work situations.

I love to educate others on sex toys and relationship topics. I love getting new products in and seeing what sex toy manufacturers come up with next. I love hearing our customers tell us how much pleasure the product has brought to them. I love hearing from couples who have improved their sex life