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On New Year's Eve, smooch the one you're with -- but follow kissing etiquette while doing it.

A recent star-packed movie (you know, the one with more celebrities than rehab) tell us that anything can happen on New Year's Eve. For most, however, the endless possibilities for the last night of the year aren't a top priority. Rather, the perfect kiss is. 

Yes, the illustrious midnight's kiss on New Year's Eve — seemingly an ideal way to close out one year and welcome in another — is what many will strive for as they hit the town this Dec. 31. Some will smooch a spouse, some a date, and others will just lock lips with some stranger they stumbled across in the bar. But hey, a kiss is a kiss, whether you've known the person for five years or five seconds, right? Right? 

Wrong. Duh.

Dating service It's Just Lunch conducted a survey of 500 people asking them to detail the perfect New Year's kiss. All in all, it really depends on how long you've known the person. Really, it's a science these mystery people have down to seconds. Here's the breakdown:

If you're kissing someone you just met at a party, 61 percent say seven seconds is the ideal length of time. Wonder what the other 39 percent put? Creeps.

Three months of dating is just enough time to make determining how long you should kiss for kind of awkward. If you're at a party with that person, 23 percent of people say your smooch should last, "long enough to need to get a room." Woah! Frisky. Also mildly inappropriate depending on the crowd surrounding your free show. Meanwhile, 19 percent chose the more conservative "12 seconds" for this situation. Hey, why not 13 or 11 seconds? The world may never know. 

The debate over the etiquette of public kissing was a definite toss-up. Thirty-six percent say an open mouth and tongue are a-ok when a crowd is around, but 34 percent say no tongue, just mouth. The other 30 percent want you to keep your mouth closed, you overzealous New Year's kisser, you.

Those into the whole, "let's kiss, then head upstairs and do more" scenario, we suggest you stay at home on the big night, and so do those surveyed — 58 percent say that's more of a staying in scenario.

Who will you be kissing on New Year's Eve, and for how long?

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