How To Talk About The Stuff We Usually Avoid

how to communicate

Tokii starts both silly and serious conversations between couples.

My LDR boyfriend and I experimented for a month with Tokii and the results are in! Even though we are pretty good communicators already, this site helped me get answers to questions I didn't even know I had (like "Would you marry a woman with fertility issues?").

During this past month of testing out Tokii, my top take-away has been to never be afraid to ask. Even though my grandma told me that same thing years ago, sometimes we get afraid to talk to our mates because we don't want to start a fight or get rejected. Personally, I don't want to come off as too needy or difficult. But Tokii taught me that men can be just as inquisitive. By asking those burning questions and starting conversations about all things silly and serious, my relationship has grown stronger. Because when you're miles apart all you have is communication to keep you together.

Plus, as an added bonus, we have gained an entire community of couples that have funny stories and insights to share. Tokki Lab is like the rec room for couples. This is where the communication happens between users. Here, writers divulge intimate details of their relationships on topics like conflict, intimacy and communication (sounds familiar). There are also nifty infographics that compile the statistics from the Tokii DiscoveryGames. On this blog you can find creative ideas for using the site (read "Trading Your Way to Hotter Sex and More").

But my favorite part is the research. Did you know men who kiss their partners before work live longer and make more money? Sounds like something me and my beau will have to enact when we are together. Personally, I am already the type who is susceptible to believe weird studies. For example I once read in Cosmo that couples who say "Good Morning" are more likely to last—needless to say I now text my guy everyday with morning salutations.