Engaged Girl: Readers, Help Me Spice Up My Relationship!

A recent survey found that half of couples are bored. My fiance and I refuse to be one of them!

bored couple

Are you in a committed relationship in which hot, fun nights out are a thing of the past? Are you regularly finding yourself instant-watching yet another Netflix movie, decked out in your sexiest reindeer pajamas, wondering why your significant other is snoozing away on such a stimulating Saturday night in? Wasn't giving in to your man's late-night pizza craving boldly spontaneous, instantly turning you into one of those sexy vixens whose pals-with-the-boys antics make her oh-so-charming? I bet that's the most exciting thing you've done in weeks, maybe months!


Oh, what have I become? After being in a committed relationship for five years with my now-fiancé, I'm sad to say that I'm guilty of being that girl. And what's even more depressing is that about half of you readers can identify with me. Engaged Girl: Don't Have A Set Wedding Date? Join The Club!

A recent Good in Bed survey found that about half of their seriously coupled-up readers were bored, or on the brink of boredom, in their committed relationships. Additionally, nearly a quarter cheated because of boredom! 

The top culprits contributing to relationship boredom are moving in together (that's us!), marriage (soon to be us), getting pregnant (us in five years-ish), having kids (see previous) and getting older (inevitable!)


After being asked to write an article about how I spice things up in my relationship, all kinds of ideas came to my head, like bungee jumping, going out dancing, role playing, trying out something new together, etc. But the problem is, we haven't done any of those things! I always read about these things and think, "Hmm, we should try that someday."

Well, that someday has to be now, or else the forecast may just be "old, married, pregnant, with two kids and comfortably bored, with a 25% chance of infidelity." Quite clearly, that doesn't sound appealing to me at all.

So guess what? My fiancé and I have signed up (well, he doesn't know this yet) to be your guinea pigs and try some exciting new things to shake up our relationship.

Suggest away! What should we do to spice up our comfy, cozy five-year-relationship?