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Dating Disaster: A Double Date Gets Double Drunk

drunk date

A friend of mine and I went on a double date with two Canadian guys. Her date was her boyfriend of a year. And my date was with a guy who was four years older than I was. When our Saturday double date arrived, we decided to go out during the afternoon and then meet back up at night. Dating Disaster: I Was Really Late, He Was Really Drunk

Okay, there was one problem, my date was drunk. As I slid into the backseat, my date said, "Hi how are you, Kate?" Next thing I knew beers were passed around and we were off to drink-land. As my date slugged back his beer, I sipped mine, watching our driver, swerve all over the road. I figured I better try to stay sober, just in case.

My date suddenly put his arm around me, looked down at me and without any warning locked his lips onto mine. I did my best not to kiss him back, plus I was repulsed by his beer-and-cigarette-smelling breath.

My date told my friend’s boyfriend to stop at the next bathroom, because he had to drain the "main vein." As we stopped at a gas station bathroom, he literally fell out of the car, and disappeared into the men's bathroom for about ten minutes. 6 Totally Legit Ways To Date Without Drinking — And Enjoy It!

I asked my friend who now had her lips locked onto her boyfriend's what was wrong with her boyfriend's friend, and he said, "Oh, he got drunk last night." I said, "But it's two in the afternoon." Then he told me he was a bouncer at a bar and had a slight drinking problem. He turned to my friend, laughed and they started making out again. Dating Disaster: A Guy, A Girl, Her Gas

We stopped at an empty park, where my friend and her boyfriend disappeared into the woods. My date soon disappeared into the nearest bathroom, where I could hear him making retching noises.

After several hours of watching my date run to the nearest park bathroom to throw up, my friend came back. I literally sprinted to the car and jumped in the backseat.

Later that night, my friend knocked at my front door, saying, "We're all ready to go, Kate." I said, "I think I'm going to stay home. I don't feel well." My friend told me to tell her boyfriend’s friend this, and I said, “No thanks, you tell him for me."

An hour later, I received a phone call from my date, asking why I didn’t want to see him again. I tried letting him down gently. I told him I wanted to date guys that lived closer to where I lived. He started to sob on the phone, and then dropped the phone on the ground. Drinking On A Date: How Much Is Too Much?

My friend called me later that night telling me I was rude and inconsiderate, and she would never set me up on a date again!

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