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7 Chivalrous Things We Wish Men Still Did (Sigh)

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Why is it that everything of the past seems so good, so classic, soo…the way things should be. Decades ago, women were fighting for equal rights but, today, we're fighting for a return to chivalry. No matter how you cut it, many women want to be treated like ladies and many of us imagine that the world of the 1960s was not only a world mired in charged politics but represented a time when American society was filled with an abundance of manly men. Ok, so maybe our memory is in part clouded by the period drama "Mad Men." Madame Noire: 7 Silly Ways You Are Ruining Your Relationship

In any case, sometime between my high school years and full-fledged adulthood, it seems that it's become okay for men to not take the lead. I think I can speak for many women when I say we're not too happy about this trend. Here are a few things that we wish most men still did:

1. Move Out Of Their Mothers' Houses
Isn't it just so sexy when you find out your date has a place of his own? A man maintaining his own bills and residence is ultra masculine and indicates a certain discipline and sense of responsibility. Now, he doesn't have to have the ultimate bachelor's pad but just a place where he's not worried about scheduling living room time with his roommates (read: parents) or making arrangements for a sleepover.

P.S. With the trying times, we can understand moving back home for survival reasons but if the fact of the matter is that a 30-year-old man man has never left his parents' place, well…need we say more?

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Written by Selam Aster for Madame Noire.

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