How Could Sandusky's Wife Not Have Known He Was A Child Molester?

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4 clues that should have made Dottie Sandusky realize her husband was a sex criminal.

As we try to process all the sordid and unbelievable details of the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal, it's hard not to wonder what his wife must be going through right now. I can only imagine she is as horrified and shocked as the rest of the world, as most any wife would be. But I also wonder if she is now looking back on the past 15 years and questioning how she couldn't have seen the clues more clearly. We know very little about Dottie Sandusky or the couple's relationship. Yet if you read the grand jury's indictment (not recommended for those with weak stomachs), it's hard to believe that she or one of their six adopted kids or anyone else close to the family didn't suspect something was off with this guy if everything they say about him is true. The Stir: Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Scandal Makes Us Wonder About His Own Kids

Much of Sandusky's grooming (and some of the assaults) of his victims ages 8 to 15 occurred in Sandusky's own home, at family events, or at times and in ways that you'd think any observant family member — or even anyone associated with him — would have surely stopped herself to think, "Hmm, isn't that behavior a little strange?"

Read on for the 4 clues there was something wrong with Sandusky: The Stir: How Could Jerry Sandusky's Wife Not Have Known?

Sound off: Do you think it's really possible that Sandusky's family was totally in the dark about his activities with young boys spanning 15 years?

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