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Jennifer Carpenter: I'm Still In Love With My Ex, Michael C. Hall

Jennifer Carpenter: I'm Still In Love With My Ex, Michael C. Hall

If you think occasionally running into your ex is awkward, try working together! And not the kind of work where you can avoid him or her by ducking behind filing cabinets. We're talking the kind where you're face-to-face daily and have to, you know, be civil and act like there was never anything romantic between you. That's exactly what it's like for Jennifer Carpenter and her ex-husband, Michael C. Hall, who co-star on the uber-popular show, Dexter. But what keeps things from being incredibly weird for the two exes? Well... she claims she still loves him. Did Michael C. Hall Leave His Wife For Julia Stiles?

"I mean, he is and always will be one of my best friends in the world. And just because the marriage ended doesn't mean the love isn't still there," Carpenter recently told E! News, according to Us Weekly. "We take very good care of each other and our cast—we always have—and I'm just really lucky."

The two split in December of 2010 after two short years of marriage, but have continued working together on season six of Dexter as siblings, Debra and Dexter Morgan. Maybe if the show wasn't such a huge success with a major cult following, it would've been easy for one of them to leave the show after their divorce? But, it sounds like even if they could, neither of them would choose to walk away, even if that meant working with an ex. Michael C. Hall And Jennifer Carpenter File For Divorce

"You know, to be six years in and still challenged by the work and proud of the work is quite an accomplishment," she explains. "It's largely in part to our writers. They are all powerhouses and sick in the greatest way!"

We love these two as Deb and Dexter, but adored them even more as husband and wife. If they can't make a marriage in real life work, at least they're professional enough to work together and maintain a strong relationship. How many people can say that? 10 Biggest Celebrity Divorces Of 2010

Do you think it would be difficult working closely with an ex?

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